building a strong remote work culture

building a strong remote work culture

Good team culture is like a good sports team. While many believe that building a good team culture requires face-to-face interaction, that’s not truly the case. With remote working and changing landscape, we are at the forefront of major change. You need to make sure that your remote team welcomes a strong culture. Therefore, managing day to day changes in the telecommuting landscape, these are the three tips to build and grow your remote team’s work culture.

Make Every Team Member Feel like a Star

To get the best work you must have the best team. Do you think that this is like a straightforward task? However, with your remote work culture, your best team can be located across the globe. You need to take into consideration the diverse individuals and point of views. Make sure that you push beyond the standard and find new teammates from the larger hiring pool.

When you are onboarding new remote teammates, support them early and often. Take the time to introduce them individually to the rest of the team with a video call. Promote a culture of togetherness and team building. By this way, as your team continues to grow, every team member feels more encouraged to contribute to the overall culture.

Create Equal Opportunities across Channels

Even before the pandemic, it has always been crucial to ensure that your team feel engaged and connected to the heart of the culture. Therefore, establishing channels for your remote team to be able to stay in touch regularly is the first way. There are many ways, platforms beyond email and phone such as Zoom and WebEx.

Allow every team mate to feel represented, giving credit for those who have made accomplishments digitally that would normally be celebrated in person. Many new remote teams may have experienced a sudden shift into a new work-from-home lifestyle where to speaking intimately with their leadership in a non-office environment is a challenge. Set up a time for your employees to have a daily check in or virtual office hours to talk about things beyond the day-to-day tasks.

Find Unique Ways to Praise Your Team

It can be hard doing your day-to-day work, managing projects, getting on and off phone calls to find the time to highlight your team’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small. However, finding unique ways to highlight your new and existing teammates doesn’t have to be that hard and complicated. You can use company’s platforms by creating a space to share team messaging blast for the bigger events like birthdays and holidays. No matter which way you choose, finding the ways to encourage your team is the key to maintaining a happy, healthy, and productive remote team. Give a toast together :)

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