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We know that your business thrives on strong and enduring relationships. It is our core strength and our mission to provide you those connections and relations. The bedrock of every relationship is mutual trust between people. Which is why we value reliability and transparency in everything we do.

Empowering The Future

More than ever, the future is ever so quick to arrive at our doorsteps. A rapidly evolving industry requires forward thinking towards opportunity as well as stability. With our robust industry experience, we cultivate your future business.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inclusion and diversity is the beating heart driving our company, the energizing value defining us. Bringing together your business with prospective employees should be based on nothing but skill and proficiency. That is why equal opportunity for every gender, sexual identity, religion, or nationality is our core value.

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chat gpt

what impact will Chat GPT-4o Have on talent tech?

OpenAI’s newest model, GPT-4o, integrates voice, video, and text to transform AI interactions

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managing hiring when it's not top priority

In the rapidly changing landscape of the business world, staying dedicated to recruitment can be cha

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establishing employee salary ranges: a guide

To attract and retain top talent, it's essential to offer competitive salaries

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people first

achieving a people-first culture in your company

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the prevailing belief among both employers and employees was th

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mastering effective feedback

Giving feedback can be uncomfortable, and if you feel that way, you're not alone.

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ocak blog

better hiring via candidate experience insights

Insights from candidate experience data play a pivotal role in recruiting by bolstering employer bra

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hr trends

Ready for HR 2024 Trends?

The realm of Human Resources (HR) is dynamic, continuously adjusting to the evolving needs and expec

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hiring dilemmas

a guide to resolving 5 current hiring dilemmas

The increasingly challenging global landscape of recruitment necessitates recruiters to enhance thei

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hr leadership in times of layoffs

In today's landscape marked by workforce reductions and economic instability, the significance of HR

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AI in HR

AI in HR: great power, greater responsibility

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been swiftly advancing and transforming various sectors and busines

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exploring burnout in remote employees

Burnout, as defined by the World Health Organization, is categorized as a syndrome

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collaboration power: recruiters & hiring managers

Recruiters and hiring managers both strive for the same objective: identifying exceptional candidate

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pride month

what is Pride Month?

Pride Month is a time of celebration and awareness dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community

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common HR mistakes causing low employee engagement

Employee engagement seems like a concept that only affects your turnover rate

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blog görsel

how to create a healthy workplace

The World Health Organization (WHO) produced updated workplace mental health directives

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meet minds blog

startup interview vs big company interview

You thought an interview was an interview, right? We want to increase your awareness

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Most women who are employed currently menstruate. Why aren't we discussing this?

time to discuss menstrual health in the workplace

Most women who are employed currently menstruate. Why aren't we discussing this?

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top recruitment trends should mind in 2023

Are we ready to keep up with 2023 trends with the lessons we learned from 2022?

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what does flexibility at work mean?

what does flexibility at work mean?

Working habits in 2030 will likely be more efficient and effective than they are today.

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blog görsel

how to manage the risks of boomerang employee

They can help to improve company culture and can be a valuable asset to your team.

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how to assess

how to assess your needs

This will help you determine which tech candidates are the best fit for your team

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meet minds blog

in-house or outsourcing?

We will look at the pros and cons of in-house vs outsourcing software development

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ready for Gen Z and Millennials in business life

ready for Gen Z and Millennials in business life?

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before, and that diversity extends to age groups.

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shortage of applicants? the top reasons why

shortage of applicants? quick checklist covering the top reasons why

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how to mind the gap

how to mind the gap: tech employment

The technical talent gap rise, which began in late 2020, continues to increase...

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building a strong remote work culture

building a strong remote work culture

Good team culture is like a good sports team.

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lessons from 2021 and recruitment trends for 2022

lessons from 2021 and recruitment trends for 2022

In order to understand what awaits us, it is necessary to understand the past well.

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forward-thinking on diversity in the workplace

Roots of the company culture are set with the first brick laid. Diversity affects the culture

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How to sell your start-up to talents

how to sell your start-up to talents?

You have succeeded in turning your unique idea into a company and you want to take a fast track

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Story of ‘meet minds’

5 years ago, we came across each other while working for a big global company

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