how to mind the gap: tech employment

how to mind the gap

The technical talent gap rise, which began in late 2020, continues to increase, straining employers and recruiters.

Do you have any idea or technics to overcome that technical talent gap?

We have some suggestions to help you deal with it!

Rethink your requirements

Sometimes traditional criteria prevent us from achieving talent. Companies and candidates that spend their time looking for the perfect opportunity without flexibility end up wasting time, not filling vital roles, and missing out on potential matches.

Out of the box recruiting

Go beyond traditional sourcing channels such as LinkedIn or referrals. Leverage AI Technology or diversity recruiting partner. Think about disadvantaged groups in your country, such as immigrants, that no one chooses to prioritize, and institutions where you can reach different ethnic communities.

Develop the specialty skills

With an in-house training and certificate program, recruit candidates who meet 50% of all your criteria and make them perfect fit for you. Investing in a good training program will help you gain talent.

Don’t depend on a degree

Seeing the talent gap in the world of technology, candidates realized that they did not need to finish 4-year degrees. As an employer, keep up with this and pay attention to hands-on experience or alternative training.

Upskill current skillsets

It has become easier than ever for candidates to improve themselves with coding camps or self-learning platforms. As a hiring manager or candidate, you can use that platform to create your own learning platform.

Create a culture of learning

Take the time to learn and teach. Encouraging your existing employees to train and share their knowledge prevents your know-how from being lost.

Focus on specific areas

Although the talent gap exists throughout the industry, it is clear that some specialties require more effort than others. Devops, cybersecurity or python are some of these specializations. Honing your abilities in these fields will make you much more valuable on the job market.

View contracting as a solution

The popularity of being contractor has increased which provides flexibility and freedom. Consider contracting rather than trying to have or be full-time staff.

Move quicker in hiring

Multi-stage processes weaken your hand in an environment where there is so much competition. Remove unnecessary stages from your recruitment process, or if there are stages that you can combine, be sure to do it.

We are here to discover and show how your recruitments steps can be redefined depending on your organization’s flexibility with a prominent perspective.

Let’s meet minds!

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