how to sell your start-up to talents?

How to sell your start-up to talents

You have succeeded in turning your unique idea into a company and you want to take a fast track in a short time as every start-up aims. Your job will be difficult if your team is not wholeheartedly committed to the business idea you are dreaming of. And you will fall even…

As you start to hire people, your company culture begins to form and grow. And you can’t change your culture by saying ‘Abracadabra!’ after you have already settled down. That's why you should consider every hiring you do as if you are getting a partner to your business.

Here are some key points explaining how you can sell your business to top talents;

Know your company

Be sure of your company's values, where it wants to go, and your goals before deciding who to hire. You cannot tell or make anyone believe before you don't internalize them.

To identify them, you should ask yourself some questions;

  • What are the core values of my company? 

  • What are the essentials in this company?

  • Where do I want this company to be in the future?

  • What are the features that set me apart from my competitors?

  • What will I highlight when marketing the company?

  • What kind of benefits will I offer to my employees?

The answer to all of these will also answer you why someone would choose this environment for career development.

It wouldn't hurt to tell a little story about your success

This method will increase your memorability. What am I talking about?

Instead of saying 'I had such an idea and decided to open this company’, you can tell this as an inspiring story. It may be an option to tell your inspiring childhood story first and then tell that you have finally succeeded after failing many times.

Having a story is an excellent way to attract candidates who will be influenced by it.

Be completely yourself against the candidate

Openly share with the candidate all your failures and your story. Ask him/her what he/she would do if he/she were you. All of these will show how eager he/she is to experience similar things and overcome them. Try to understand his/her passions and what he/she wants to pursue.

And if you have similar passions, you may think that he/she will try to do the best.

Make it complete you

No one and no company are perfect.

Recognize your shortcomings, face them and never forget that you need people to complement them. Do not hesitate to send the message to your candidates 'we are lack in this, and we need you'. People who want to join your company will also be eager to share their knowledge with you.

Make them realize that this challenge will improve them too

Building and growing a start-up is a painful process also. There will be lots of difficulties and uncertainties waiting for the team.

Some people prefer a more stable career while others just can't stand being challenged. A start-up will need people like this who like to be challenged. They know that as they develop your business and company, they also contribute their own careers. So that’s a win-win story.

How does meet minds help you?

As meet minds recruitment agency, We are aware of the difficulties that start-ups face in obtaining income and customers while dealing with drawing the best fit talents. That is why we are here!

We are dedicated to explaining your passion and attracting the best fit talents to your start-up.

Let’s meet minds!

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