lessons from 2021 and recruitment trends for 2022

lessons from 2021 and recruitment trends for 2022

Overview of 2021

In order to understand what awaits us, it is necessary to understand the past well. 2021 has been an interesting year in many ways. We can say that the business world has both survived the blows of 2020 to a great extent and realized upcoming needs.

1- Recruiters in demand

If 2021 has been the year you've been trying to recruit recruiters, you're not alone. Employers around the world had a hard time filling their roles and so needed more recruiters. According to Linkedin's research, recruiters job posts on Linkedin have continued to increase since the beginning of 2021, and it exceeded the pre-pandemic period in the middle of the year. Especially in tech sector, the demand has boomed. The increase in the need for tech people with the pandemic caused an increase in the need for recruiters at the same rate.

2- Resignations and job changes

The need for workforce after the worst time of pandemic has opened up many opportunities for employees. In fact, the demand in the market has even led people to make more courageous decisions, such as starting their own business or working as a freelancer. When we had more (really) time to think during quarantine times, it has been easier for many people to take action than during normal times.

Of course, the fact that the recruitment processes were online also facilitated these changes.

3- Virtual connections and events

We all know well the effect of online connection on job interviews. However, this virtual connection thing has affected many things, not just job interviews.

When the only bond that companies could establish with their employees was the screens, they had to make much more effort and be creative in order to motivate them in virtual ways and not to reduce employee loyalty.

That’s why we witnessed plenty of online happy hours and events of companies last year.

Predictions of 2022

We are now in 2022 and have some predictions about what awaits us in recruitment.

Let’s think together;

1- Importance of emotional intelligence

We can talk and prove for days how virtual meetings make our lives easier and increase our productivity in recruitment. But we should not forget that this is still an interpersonal interaction.

Although online interviews are 100% of our work, people need to talk to people, not machines. For this reason, we think that recruiters will need more emotional intelligence to overcome virtual screen barriers and continue to interact individually.

2- Best time to be inclusive and diverse

We now have candidates from all over the world. There has never been a better and easier time to embrace diversity and inclusion. Find the best candidate for your competency needs, wherever in the World and build a colorful team.

3- Employer branding

Our biggest assistant who ensures that the recruitment process is perfect: Employer branding.

A strong employer brand allows the company to stand out among the crowd and make you a desirable company. This means that there are fewer problems in the recruitment processes.

In a world where competition has increased so much, who has a strong employer brand is also will be a winner in the recruitment processes.

4- Focus on retention and employee happiness

Losing an employee today means a much higher cost to you than before. So never neglect your team.

Collaborating well with your recruiting team is a part of this, as well as employee engagement activities. Especially if you are a company in a growth period...

Because the recruitment you will make will also affect the distribution of the workload. To manage it better; This will require good workforce balance planning and significant collaboration with the recruiting team.

Last and most important suggestion (for 2022 and beyond):

All the technological innovations aside, it’s people who do the work. While technologically adapting to the new world, don’t lose the sight of the people who make the magic happen.

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