shortage of applicants? the top reasons why

shortage of applicants

According to recruitment metrics, it is found that the recruiting problems that dramatically restrict applications routinely occur during the same steps of the recruiting funnel.

If you work for a company that is struggling to attract applicants, it’s a huge mistake to blame the tight job market. Instead, focus on highest impact problems;

Poor focus on referrals

Although AI is the hype, employees are still the most effective tool for finding the top talent. If you are not getting more than 40 percent of your hires from referrals, that’s one of the core problems. Encourage your top-performing employees to come up with at least three top-quality referrals each month. Moreover, ask each new hire and their job references for additional referrals.

Unless your job postings are data-driven, it will fail to attract 

Most job postings are written in an ad hoc manner. If you don’t use data to explain what is expected, your job postings won’t be differentiated. Therefore, candidates won’t have any excitement. Research by CareerBuilder found that “75 percent of candidates say that the appearance of a job posting affects their choice to apply.”

Placing job openings announcements ineffectively

Most companies use past practices to place job openings. It is very crucial to determine specifically where and when candidates are most likely to see a job posting depending on their expertise. Also, after you make a hire, survey new employees during onboarding to determine which job board or job posting site had the highest yield of quality applicants.

Outsiders can’t feel the excitement at your firm

Even though you know that working at your firm is exciting, it’s often amazingly hard for outsiders to actually “feel that excitement” when they do research on your firm. Therefore, clearly show that your work and your products make a difference. Closely take a look at your corporate and social media websites to ensure they are reflecting your difference.

Your application process is frustrating

Even though you have excited potential applicants, research by SmashFly found that “74 percent of candidates drop off before they complete the application process.” Make your application can be completed within 5 minutes.

Your recruiters are simply “order takers”

Your recruiters must have enough available time to find, reach out and answer responses from prospects who have not yet seen your job postings. The best recruiters and sorcerers are also constantly searching LinkedIn, as well as niche job boards and the Internet for resumes of candidates that have not yet “found you.”

Absence of an effective talent pipeline

Pre-identify at least 10 percent of your best candidates to build relationships for future hires. Use online talent communities to build trust to make candidates to be mildly interested.

Lack of data driven recruiting approach

Data can help hiring managers realize that they require an excessive amount of experience, which is a major factor that unnecessarily limits applicants that could do the job. Collecting data is a key factor to identify weak recruiting areas and improve sourcing.

Even if you receive enough quality applicants, you may be inadvertently losing a large percentage of them because you don’t quickly respond to their application. It is a competitive job market, and it is very crucial to schedule interview quickly. Otherwise, they will be gone within 10 days.

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