Story of ‘meet minds’

5 years ago, we came across each other while working for a big global company. As time went by, not only did we realize that we are both dedicated to our careers as technical recruiters, but we also improved and widened each other’s vision. Because of this, we wanted to share our collective knowledge and end-to-end recruitment experience as guidance for both companies and candidates.

We made the explicit decision to not establish meet minds like a traditional recruiting agency and started building this business during the evenings and weekends, iterating upon different ideas before we left our positions. This gave us both the funds and the proof-of-concept that we needed. The differentiating factor for us and other companies is that we put people and their expectations first throughout the recruitment process. As a recruiting agency that helps others by launching careers and finding the right fit for a company in order to create value, we understand the principles that we operate under have enormous impact on our clients. Therefore, we place high emphasis on universal principles of merit, diversity, and equity in our business.

meet mind’s goal is to find the perfect fit and provide bespoke staffing solutions for the information technologies industry, using our collective experience and specialized knowledge in the industry. Connecting the right talented people to the right companies in need of their skills is at the very heart of what we do. Our extensive experience in the IT business helps us understand our partners and candidates more accurately and allows us to provide high-quality and cost-effective IT consulting and staffing services while creating meet minds community with different point of views.

Let us find you the perfect fit!

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