top recruitment trends should mind in 2023

Are we ready to keep up with 2023 trends with the lessons we learned from 2022?

The rapidly changing recruitment environment means that recruitment teams are constantly having to change their strategies and specialize in new skills.

We think we should have already thought about our recruitment strategies for 2023. Are we ready to keep up with 2023 trends with the lessons we learned from 2022?

Here are the important topics waiting for us!

candidate engagement and long-term relationships

High-demand positions are becoming increasingly competitive, and companies must do everything they can to attract and retain top talent. This is more and more difficult for companies because the expectations of companies are higher now, but also their risk aversion rate is higher.

Building long-form relationships with candidates will help you identify and assess their skills and interests, as well as connect them with the right opportunities.

One way to improve engagement and build long-term relationships with candidates is to use social media platforms to connect and correlate with them.

In addition, being upfront and honest from the very beginning of your offer will make it less likely that you will be disappointed. When hiring for technology roles, it is important that they see all the challenges that the candidate may face in that project. Because these profiles like to see the difficulties as soon as possible. Sharing your product roadmap can be one way to do this.

brand recognition

Brand is the most important part of any business, so it's necessary to have a clear understanding of how your brand is perceived. It's crucial to be open and honest about what the brand stands for as well as having a clear understanding of how the brand is perceived.

Discover your brand's strengths and weaknesses. Understand the brand's positioning and how it is perceived by consumers. Use a visual representation of the product lifecycle to communicate your message… These look like marketing suggestions, don't they? Have you ever thought that you are already marketing your brand to your candidates? We know that you will want to make sure that the candidates also understand you correctly!

usage of technology

Now let's all stop and think about whether there was such a thing as an online interview in our lives before the pandemic. We can say that it is not. It has become a critical part of the hiring process now for many companies.

We are entering an era where we need to be much more foresighted in order to observe the impact of all technologies and tools that we can use in the recruitment process on candidates and the recruitment process. Be ready and do not resist all technological investments that can improve and accelerate your recruitment process in this year.

product people in people team

People teams are an important ingredient for the success of a product. So, what could be better than a people team member who has a full understanding of your product?

Generally, people teams lack the necessary information, including knowledge of how products are organized, how to work for users, how to produce results. Communicating with candidates at the very beginning of the hiring process with a person who knows this information is an item that will make you tremendously powerful and attractive.

You may want to consider equipping your people team with more product-related knowledge or hiring someone with a product background on the people team.

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